Web Development 2020

Web Development 2020

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It’s no secret that in the web development industry, everything is changing at lightning fast. If you follow new trends, then you most likely have witnessed the rise and fall of numerous technologies. However, the growing web development trends in 2020 are those sites, tools, and elements that have the greatest potential, popularity, and growth prospects. And of course, if you are developing sites, then its constant support and updates following these very technologies is your number one priority.

Progressive Web Applications

Recently, the popularity of native mobile applications has exceeded all expectations. Next Generation Progressive Web Applications have gathered information about the best user experience and have translated it into mobile applications. The technology is not new, since PWA appeared back in 2015. However, it took two years for developers to turn PWA into one of the main trends in web programming.

Like mobile applications, PWAs load when the network connection is poor or missing. Users can add PWAs shortcuts to smartphone screens to go back with one click. Besides, advanced web applications can send push notifications (pop-up notifications) to users and redirect them to pages. Last but not least, PWA pages are fast, reliable, and attractive thanks to UI and UX borrowed from mobile applications.

At the same time, PWAs bring significant advantages to their owners, such as interaction with visitors, higher conversion, and reliability. For example, using PWA, AliExpress doubled the conversion in all browsers. EXtra Electronics has quadrupled the number of users. Currently, PWAs have not yet become the main technology. This determines the high cost of developing PWA and the many efforts that are made to create them. In general, PWA is worth presenting web development trends in 2020. Not many sites can give you similar opportunities for conversion and interaction. Thus, in 2020 everyone (including us) expects to see a lot of noise around this trend, its active development, and rapid spread.

WordPress 5.3.2 new version

The most popular website engine in the world, WordPress, has released a new version 5.3.2. WordPress 5.3.2 quickly gained the status of the web development trend. Let’s see what features and improvements the new version has. First of all, WordPress 5.3.2 improves the customization process. Now you can plan the time when certain design settings will come to life, send preview links to your colleagues, protect projects by blocking them, and not losing unsaved changes, thanks to thoughtful tips. Secondly, WordPress highlights the syntax of the code and checks for errors. If you intend to save code with a syntax error, it will kindly warn you about this. Thirdly, the updated WordPress has the latest gallery widgets. Moreover, WordPress 5.3.2 provides better customization of the UX menu, viewing themes in Customizer, and improved theme switching. These are just major improvements. To learn about all the new features of WordPress 5.3.2, just go to your toolbar and work in the admin panel. The main thing is to remember to back up your site before the changes begin.

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