Why do we need a Security Operations Center?


Why do we need a Security Operations Center?

Why do we need a Security Operations Center? 506 338 Phoenix Software Development

In fact, SOC is a team of information security specialists that monitors the state of the company’s IT infrastructure around the clock for potential hacks and other threats. To do this, they use modern technologies for detecting, analyzing, and preventing incidents: for example, SIEM systems for analyzing information security events, Threat Intelligence cyber intelligence technology, and others.

What exactly SOC does

The main task performed by the specialists of the Center is the constant analysis of large volumes of information. Many security events need to be processed and analyzed every day. And amidst all this, often a huge amount of data, it is necessary to recognize the real threat in time and eliminate it. Here is a list of the main responsibilities of SOC professionals:

  • Continuous search, monitoring, and analysis of intrusions.

  • Proactive threat prevention.

  • Checking company networks for vulnerabilities and analyzing security incidents.

  • Filtration of false positives and fast response to confirmed incidents.

  • Preparation of reports on the current state of the IT infrastructure, registered incidents, and actions of potential intruders.

SOC benefits

As with any solution, the SOC has its advantages. If most of them are important to you, it is worth considering implementing SOC in your company.

Control of all IT systems of the company

If you have outsourced internal IT systems as well as external technical support, the SOC will be an effective means of controlling them for you.

Unified scheme for working with data

By accumulating information about incidents in one place, the risk of losing critical data is reduced. After all, hacker methods are constantly being improved and it is important to know everything about the behavior of attackers.

Coordinated work of experts

Any SOC is built so that specialists work together. The collective intelligence method is very effective here. This makes it easier to spot suspicious activity in time, interpret it correctly and prevent network intrusions. No fragmentation and conflicting decisions.

Constant protection, day and night

If your organization is of interest to attackers, it is logical to expect them to take action at inopportune hours. The SOC is always organized to operate around the clock. Any suspicious activity will be immediately noticed and suppressed.


If your company needs to comply with the requirements of FZ-187 for integration with GosSOPKA, the creation of a SOC is mandatory.

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