Best cloud solutions for businesses


Best cloud solutions for businesses

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Current realities in the face of the needs of business, education, and medicine give rise to a request for effective organization, processing, and storage of information. However, such a request has always existed: according to the law, discovered by the British science historian Derek Price, the volume of human knowledge grows exponentially, which naturally gives rise to the need to improve the methods of their storage, processing and transmission. The answer to the eternal request is cloud storage. In the Cloud Data Warehouse, information is located on remote servers that can physically be located remotely from each other. Data is stored and processed on the so-called cloud, which, from the client’s point of view, represents one large virtual server.

Google and Amazon were the first who implemented “cloud storage” information giants. Now the technology is at the stage of active distribution and widespread adoption: it is “being adopted”, primarily by business, scientists, educational and medical institutions. According to top managers of companies surveyed by Oxford Economics, cloud computing is the fourth

Impact on economy

The most promising areas for investment after mobile technologies are business analytics and social networks. The scale of distribution and demand for cloud services is determined by their impressive advantages:

1. Availability – subject to an Internet connection, you can connect and work with the cloud from anywhere in the world and from any device – laptop, netbook, tablet, and smartphone. Cloud, freeing its owner from geographic location, allows you to save on infrastructure: avoid the cost of buying high-performance computers and software.

2. Flexibility – the cloud has a relatively unlimited computing power (memory, processor, disks).

3. Reliability and security – cloud services located in specially equipped data centers have increased resistance to external factors that can disable the system and lead to data loss: Data centers, as a rule, have backup power sources, security, regular data backup, and are protected from possible hacker attacks by serious security systems.

Thus, cloud technologies make a great contribution to business development: barriers to entry into the industry for small businesses are significantly reduced, and existing companies can increase the efficiency of processes.

The key problem of the start-up enterprise is to provide the conditions for creating the main product: to purchase or rent and maintain the technical infrastructure – computers, software, and their functioning. The growing volume of data requires proper protection, systematic storage, elimination of irrelevant and outdated information. Cloud technologies solve the above difficulties and allow you to concentrate efforts on the main tasks.

Large and medium-sized companies with the help of cloud servers can quickly operate with computing capacities: increase them with an increase in the scale of activity, expansion of production, conducting temporary projects, deploying a business in new conditions, saving time and money: own infrastructure requires labor costs for service personnel, licenses, server and network equipment. The Cloud relieves the company of such worries.

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