What is cloud storage?

What is cloud storage?

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Cloud storage is a service that allows you to store data by transferring

it over the Internet or another network to a storage system operated by a third party. There are hundreds of different cloud storage systems – from personal storages that contain and/or archive email messages, videos and other personal files of users, to corporate cloud storages that companies can use as a commercial solution for remote archiving, which allows you to safely transfer and store files data, and use it from different locations.

Cloud storage is usually scaled according to the storage needs of the user or organization and are accessible from any location and device without requiring the use of an application. Companies can choose one of three main models: a public cloud – a storage service suitable for unstructured data, a private cloud – a storage service that is protected behind the corporate firewall for more control over data, a hybrid cloud – a storage service that combines private and public Cloud services for increased flexibility.

Benefits of Cloud Storage

  • Files are available ANYWHERE, you can access from your phone or PC

  • Save space or expand memory: photos and videos can be stored in the cloud to save space

  • High file transfer speed due to the wide geographic network of servers and CDN

  • Reliability of storage: even if one server fails – other servers have copies of data

  • Excellent opportunities for business and remote employees: one file is available for editing to everyone who has access!

Online storage solutions are usually provided using a large network of virtual servers that come with tools for managing files and organizing virtual storage space.

How Cloud Storage Works

The simplest type of cloud storage occurs when users upload files and folders on their computers or mobile devices to an Internet server.

Using a cloud server allows the user to upload files to other devices, if necessary. Files are usually protected by encryption and are accessible to the user with credentials and passwords.

Benefits of cloud storage for business

  • General level of expenses

The first advantage, and perhaps most important in the minds of many business owners, is the advantage of lowering costs.

Moving your business to the cloud eliminates equipment and maintenance costs. Removing these capital expenditures and related salaries can result in significant cost reductions.

  • Less staff – less worries

All you need in the office is a computer and an Internet connection. Most of your server hardware is no longer needed, which saves physical space and eliminates the need for maintenance and staff attention.

Now, we hope you have a common understanding of what cloud storage is and you won’t be able to look at the sky like yesterday. One thing is for sure – a large company that does not use cloud storage today will face many difficulties in the future.

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